Friday, 27 July 2012

Feels a little drafty in here.

Well, it's getting closer!  The first draft is done, and I'm just giving it a first purge before handing it over to my two proof readers (two!  Thanks to Coral and Ben for volunteering).  There are are few redundant plot devices cropping up, a few things I forgot about which add a little juice later on (the "forgotten service revolver" being the biggest so far) but I think it's reading quite well, certainly better than The Binary Man, which was more of a setting with the character's story in it.  In this book the setting is almost another character.  Sorry, I just released a bit of pretension, I'll open a window and let some air in!
I will be looking for more proof readers and reviewers prior to the books launch at the end of August, so if anyone is interested, please comment at the bottom or email me at the jake.prytherch google address!  Everyone with a nice contribution will get a dedication in the book.


  1. Finally started reading binary man last night, glad you got it into print for those of us without Kindles :-) Looking forward to helping with proofreading the next.