Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Calling all reviewers!

I need words!
First of all, a big thanks to everyone who has bought The Binary Man and those who intend to, you are helping a large and balding waif (I still consider myself a bit waify.  Waifer?) into a career as a writer.  You've done me a huge service, but you can do more!  How, I hear you cry?  Well, three little words... review my shizzle.
Thats right, for every review my book gets a little more visible to the world, which in turn leads to more sales.  I don't want any shill reviews either, I want good honest wholehearted critical analysis.  How else am I going to get better?  And I do need to get better... (see, I just started a sentence with "and"!)
Bring out the views, give it to me straight and I will love you for it.
But only if you've read the book.  If you can't even finish it, feel free to come round to my house and slap my bad knee.  I will give you my address on request.
For those of you who bought the book when it had a lovely cat's eye nebula on the front, please bear in mind that I've completely re-edited it since then, cleaning up the grammar like no-one's business.  I even removed the infamous "Lord Mint double paragraph" that was such a glaring error it could be seen from the top of Quarry Bank high street (and you know that s**t is high).
That's all!  Oh and I must give a big shout out to whoever is checking this blog in Russia.  Cheers!

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