Friday, 6 July 2012

Genre pains.

I recently decided to gather all my ideas for books together from half written pages to twenty thousand word abandoned projects to try and come up with a three year plan for my writing.  I did this in order to give myself a concrete plan for the time ahead but also to push myself to keep writing every day.  I have found that even if I miss out one day I lose the flow of the story and need to go back and do a copious amount of re-reading, which eats into my scant available writing time (to and from work, lunch breaks).
This plan revealed that I will never be a genre writer.  Every book has a different core set of aspects (one is horror, one is a romance, one is a comedy noir thriller, one is a set of multi-themed short stories).  I am quite worried that the wide and varied spread of my ideas will lead to my continued struggling with enjoying writing as a career.  If my books are too different, then surely people who liked one may dislike another, which will affect my ability to get the knock on sales of back catalogue when I release a new book.  And will Lovecraftian horrors set in Venice in the 1930's ever get into the top 100 on kindle?  I doubt it.
Why couldn't I have written mother porn like seven shades of s**t?  I mean, heh, fifty shades of skank.
Well, that's it for my thoughts today.  I've got a roast to eat.  I guess I'll just stay the course and hope for the best!

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