Saturday, 14 July 2012

The proof is in the dustbin...

What's this oversized, text book looking jive turkey that seems to be sitting on top of some perfectly respectable books?  It's my proof, and I'm damn glad I took the site's advice before I approved it for shipping, getting one for myself to check. 
It was my own fault really, not double checking the size (is this really the most popular size of book in the US?  Are they all huge print?), going for the cheaper option of white paper as opposed to cream (enabling me to get over a dollar in royalties, as opposed to 53 cents which is what I will take when I do get cream paper).  But my biggest mistake of all?  Not justifying my text!  What a plum duff.
Also, somehow the margin got obliterated when I moved my text over to my master file, so the text lies dangerously close to the edge, looking lame.
But I still love it!  It's one of a kind!  Believe me, there will not be another one made like this.
The new proof with be classic 5x8, cream paper, new page count of 410 pages (instead of the bit too thin 290 in the bigger book), and even the title looks a bit more pleasant!  It will be £8.99 though, as otherwise I lose money on each book.
I also decided to check again to see if I could embed fonts using, and lo and behold I found by exporting it as a PDF first I could do just that!  Consequently my next proof will be very, very tasty.
Just another two and a half weeks to wait for the new proof... oh my lord.

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