Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cover story.

Well, an eventful week!
The first draft of Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead has been finished and self proof read, given some serious tweaks and cast forth into the web of brave/foolish men and women who have said they will proof read and give valuable pre-publishing feedback.
I have also just got home from a sobering meeting with Jody Whittle of Hoax, ( discussing my book cover that they will be producing for me.  For the last couple of months I've been stuck in a little bubble, furiously trying to write my book, trying not to judge my work too harshly (otherwise I would just stop writing out of despondency, as I have done in the past), but now the pressure is on.  I found it very hard to spell out the plot of the story without sounding like a pretentious second year english student, standing in the glare of this man's raw talent (award winning talent!  Everyone check out their site now...).  He's built up connections through hard work and chutzpah, puts 100% into everything (he was the same when I used to live with him), and is very, very good at wnat he does.  I now have to make sure the book is worthy of the amazing job I'm sure he's going to do with the cover.  I just laid a brick.
As usual, all feedback is appreciated so that I can get this book as good as it can be, given it's source.  I will love you all for it!

Oh yes, and in order to keep my hand in with writing before I get the criticism back I have started on my next book, Carnival, initially planned as a novella but it may grow, you never know!

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