Saturday, 21 July 2012

Start small, think big!

A few different points on today's post...

After talking with a couple of good friends last night I have decided to take my first baby steps towards the horrific soul crushing mincer of rejection!  I have submitted The Binary Man to both an agency and a small independant publisher, one of each, just to start with.
The fact that The Binary Man is such a convoluted mess that I could barely write a synopsis does not fill me with confidence, but it will be an honour to have my first rejection notices.  I will wear them as badges of honour. 

On the paperback front, my new proof will arrive within the next five days or so, and I will hopefully be delighted and skipping around the house with glee.  I may end up cursing it and throwing it on top of the other textbook-esque monstrosity, but lets hope not.  Cream paper, people, cream paper.  Ahhh yeah.

Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead is pottering along, though the end of the first draft is proving a tough cookie, although I had a nice idea this morning which I will hopefully be able to do justice to.  I am still considering writing two or three last chapters and getting opinions on which works best.  People may say that shows bad planning.  They are right.  But I don't care.  HA!

Anyway, have a good weekend!  It looks sunny from here..

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