Monday, 2 July 2012

Paperback writer

Well, I did it.  After finding out I could print my book and put it on amazon for free (the internet is amazing! Thanks Ethan), only paying if I want a proof copy or extras, I submitted the second draft of The Binary Man and here is the result...

This will be the cover of my first ever bonafide book!  The files are just being checked for fidelity but I hope to be able to order a copy in the next couple of days.  Three hundred pages of fun will be available to print on demand from (not sure about but I think so), so if you are really desperate you can get a copy for the market average price of £7.99.  Though if you want to help my kids get new shoes, the kindle version at £1.99 actually nets me more royalties...

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  1. I can comment on this!! And I may have to make a purchase of this