Monday, 27 August 2012

A third change in direction! This one is sticking though.

Another stand-in cover!  I do love making them.
Well, my next writing project is well underway, with a decent framework all planned out.  Clock is still ticking along (ho ho) but it's too far removed from reality for me to be able to dip in and out of (which is necessary as my writing time is usually only in twenty minute bursts), so I've moved on to a series of novellas under the working title of "Six Cuts of Flesh".
I was always going to write some short stories as I've had a few ideas bubbling away for a while now that weren't big enough for novels, so I've hit upon the idea of putting them in a series, with the same protagonist and a developing overarching narrative that will conclude in the last novella.
The series is yet again a set of horror stories, with the first one a mighty five percent done!
I'll post more updates as I get further in.
In other news, my first author interview (for those that don't follow my facebook) can be viewed at

A tentative release date for Split is around Halloween (if I can get a good chunk written in my holidays...)
Watch this space!  You know, if you want to.

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