Thursday, 9 August 2012

The first bad review... what's the beef?

Well, my first bad review has arrived, and it's... odd.  Did they complain about the spelling mistakes (of which there were many, maybe still a few after my last couple of proof readings)?  No.  The overconvoluted plot (a valid point)?  Nope.  The cheesiness of the dialogue (definately a problem in places)?  No!  The only complaint seems to be the font size changing from place to place. 
I don't understand.
It's a kindle version.  You choose the font size yourself.  I've been through every copy I have of the book (word documents, PDFs) and the font has always stayed the same size in the text.  I did change it from 10 to 12 point when I brought out the print version, but I did it all at the same time.
Am I being... *gasp* trolled?
I thought about replying, offering the latest proof incase they had the old one, but the font was the same all the way through that aswell.  The only other review they have posted is two stars aswell, and is equally vague, simply saying "what is the point?" about a series of short stories, also science fiction.
Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe on an earlier version there were font changes that I somehow solved without even knowing it.
An open call then... did anyone else find that issue?


  1. With such a strange criticism it does make you wonder about trolls. As you say, the text size is determined by the Kindle as far as I know and it certainly doesn't change from chapter to chapter in my version. Either way, I'm sure it won't cost you any downloads since it doesn't criticise the actual plot or writing at all. It's a pretty odd review in my opinion - barely a review at all.

  2. Largely on the odd size. Probable trolling incident.

  3. Don't worry someone ALWAYS has something bad to say, regardless of how well your book is written/or not written. People get jealous that you've published a book in the first place. Don't reply to this, it just makes you look petty. Keep your head up and keep writing.
    Lori Foroozandeh
    "Lori's Song" available on Amazon and thru website