Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The next book...

Too soon for another post?

Well, I'm home alone so this time is as good as any.  My second book's first draft is well underway, with 20,000 words already done and the plot thickening better than my wife's gravy.  I hope.

It is turning out to be much more of a slow burner than The Binary Man, with the living dead making an appearance (I don't want to use the term zombie as I think it takes away something of the unnatural disquieting nature of a walking corpse). 

I have also bitten the criticism bullet and submitted The Binary Man to a selection of websites that specialise in indie authors.  Two rejections so far, but I have been offered the chance to do an author interview, so I'll post it here when it gets done!  Here's hoping it will push me gradually towards that elusive first royalty check...

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