Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Off the ground!

My first book is now available on amazon (for kindle, apple devices or PC)! 
It had been languishing on my hard drive for the best part of two years before I stumbled across the opportunity to publish it as through their kindle direct service.  It's a great opportunity for anyone who's finished something and wants to get it out to an audience without having to go through the mill with regards to agents, etc.  I was still a bit unsure about whether it was a good idea as I had only shelved it due to some honest if vague criticism, but then I decided to man up and put my cojones on display (figuritively) ready for everyone to take a punch.

Hey, it's far from perfect, I know that.  It's self proof read, contains a bit of grammar tomfoolery, but I think it will appeal to a small minority, and hopefully this way it will find them.

I have also been given the writing bug again, managing to get 1,000 words down most days (which as anyone will tell you with two small (and excellent) children is a tough ask).  My next book is tentatively titled "Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead".  Check back for more details soon!

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