Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hidden Productivity

I know I haven't posted anything for a VERY long time, but believe me, I have definitely been working.

Since the last post I have finished my first fantasy novel, delved about a quarter of a way into its sequel, worked on another long term Lovecraftian sci-fi project (which will take some years to sort out), done some very in depth planning on another more classic horror novel (the details of which I may or may not reveal one day), had two short stories accepted into anthologies (A Town Called Hell and A Haunting Of Words), and am working on finishing another short story to submit to the sequel to This Twisted Earth. 

The reason I haven't posted any updates is mainly due to finding my feet through a bit of a rocky time personally, but the worst seems behind me and the storm has turned into occasionally rainy weather with long bright spells prevailing.

The reason I haven't published the finished fantasy novel (despite having all the layout and editing done) is because I think that it is definitely solid enough for trad publishing, so I'm going to work on the rest in the series (potentially five books) while submitting the first and hoping that someone will give it a shot. It's a bit different to the normal fantasy fare in many ways, but hopefully that will be seen as a positive.

I'll try and post something before another eight months goes by...

Much love.

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