Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Giraffe Lives!

It's alive!

My first book for children, The wonderful tale of Giraffe the giraffe (who was also a superhero) is now available from Amazon! It's only available in paperback because, you know, why Kindle?


I'm also at the painting stage of my second book for children, The wonderful tale of Billy the lion (who was a little bit afraid of the dark) before I get to the juice of writing it. As kiddy books are new to me it would be interesting to know if others write the story first or do the illustrations, but I found that I came up with ideas whilst drawing that then added to the story, so I enjoyed working that way around. It's just a working title at the moment as I haven't decided if I want to continue after this second book, creating a 'Wonderful Tales' series. It would be a good way to sub-divide my children's books from my other novels as I could do a standalone site. This will be mulled over.

So until the second book is done I will leave this here, separate but not separate, a ghost of a giraffe haunting my other books...

In other news, the writing is good right now and I'm making big steps towards my set of goals for 2016, stopping only to get a short story done for a particularly interesting anthology. Whether it's accepted or not is a different matter but it's a fun exercise.

Enjoy your day!

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