Friday, 24 July 2015


- Long overdue blog post - 

After a period of partial blackout, I'm finally able to give a couple of nuggets of news (some of which you may have already seen if you follow my facebook page - 

My current WIP thriller "The Devil Has Dry Feet" is on a partial second draft stage. I wrote 80% of the first draft before deciding to add elements which add to the strength of the plot but needed including from the outset. After this second draft is done I'll move on to writing the finale, before beginning another round of drafting. I can't give a time frame on completion yet as I've found that life has a way of pulling the rug out from under you, but it's on its way!

In other news, my long/short story A Fresh Start is done and will be released in some form or other in a few weeks (I'm exploring different avenues for release).

Lastly, I'm also working on writing an illustrating a couple of books for my daughters, which is proving to be a light hearted treat!

Ok, that's your lot. Enjoy your summer!

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