Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Update on WIP

After a very busy few months (sadly not on the writing front) I've finally been able to catch up with things.

I've given my main website a re-vamp to make it far easier to navigate, and added some reviews to the book pages.

On the short story front, I've had two submissions accepted for anthologies and a third one is still being considered, so it's been a pretty successful period considering I haven't been able to get much done.

I've also decided to give my current WIP The Alchemist and the Idiot King a drastic re-write. I love the setting and characters, but I just wasn't doing enough with them. A small twist will make everything better, although that twist necessitates a purge of the majority of what I've already got down (a third of the book roughly) so the release date will be a lot further off, sadly.

Finally, I've redesigned the cover to Terror Organic and added Carnival into the digital version to make it better value. The paperback still needs updating, so that's my next goal.

Stay frosty!

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