Sunday, 27 April 2014

A update on projects

An update on current projects

I need to blog more regularly, so I will endeavour to make Sunday blog day! Along with catch up with Match Of The Day, day.

After a topsy-turvy week of rejections (boo!) and submissions (hooray!) I've settled back into writing A Fresh Start, a creepy short story set in a fictional backwater town in the US called Henry's Corner. I abandoned the short story a couple of months ago due to a massive bout of 'writer's angst' brought on by many events that conspired to fan the flames of my ever-present self- doubt, and which has been alleviated by the fact that I have stopped drinking caffeinated coffee. I am now some sort of peaceful spongey man, one who tries to go for a run once in a while and not eat too many eggs.
Anyway, I'm also hard at work planning out the chapters for my fantasy The Overcloud Codex, the idea for which has grown exponentially since its inception (hopefully in the right direction).

Alongside this, I am also planning out a novel based around a school called The Lessons of Autumn Falls. I'm not going to say any more about it at the moment, mainly because so many details are changing by the day, but it will be a bit more of a mainstream thriller than I have ever written, so hopefully it will appeal to those who find most of my ideas a bit dark and 'fleshy'. I have been sent a pic by my good buddy George Hodan ( that works very well for the theme of the story, so I've knocked up a mini cover again (which is my way of taking a break from words whilst staying focused on the story).

In other (currently published book news), Shy is getting some good feedback, and after a bit of a sticky situation with four ill chosen words leading to a concern about copyright (oh mama!), it's out on amazon with a swanky new cover that better describes its mission: to scare your tiny pants off with its interactive Japanese horror.

You can get hold of this tasty book for just £1.99 on Kindle at (UK)
or $2.99 (plus tax) 
at (US)
It's also available in many other countries, including Japan! Although it's not available in Japanese, because my skills are not that dope.

In a bit!


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