Thursday, 14 November 2013

Releasing the Terror Organic

Terror Organic, my new short story anthology.

I must admit, I wasn't sure whether to release this collection. It's made up of a selection of stories that have previously been released (Just One Day, The Uncanny Mr. Bones, Words, The House On The Bay, Skin Baby), two previously unreleased short stories (The Grey Man and The Man Of Dreams), and Shred, the first novella in my Cuts Of Flesh series, put in as a taster for parts 2 - 6.
Most of these stories have been free at some point, or were permanently free (Just One Day still is). Can I really justify charging for stories that I've put out for free?
Well, I would hope so. A lot of people have downloaded my freebies since I released The Binary Man back in May 2012 (well over 10,000). Whilst I have no doubt that some were simply downloaded, took up space on a Kindle, then were deleted, some were also read, reviewed, and hopefully enjoyed. It's to the people who have enjoyed by stories for free that I'm trying to appeal with this collection. 
It takes a lot of time and effort for me to write. I do enjoy it, for the most part, but my stories give me an equal amount of despair during their initial drafts, a feeling that sometimes doesn't fully subside once they are "finished". Despite my love of stories, I find writing the "right" story very difficult. There are a lot of hours too, far too many for me to consider thinking about, all slotted around a demanding full (and over) time job, and family. I know that this situation isn't unique to me, but I still hope that if you have enjoyed my stories, maybe one or two, or all that I've released for free, then maybe you would consider buying the collection retrospectively, if you feel you had £2 worth of satisfaction from it.
I know there are people who don't like the genre I write in, or my style, or the plots, and if that's you then don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to pay. Equally there are people who download my books to support me, and I'm eternally grateful, and don't want you to pay either. You do enough. But if you are in that group of freebie downloaders who have enjoyed my story, please consider buying this collection. You will also get two new short stories, so there's a little something extra there too.
Oh, and whichever group you fall into, please review anything you have read of mine, whether you enjoyed it or not. It all helps!
Thank you.
Buy Terror Organic here.

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